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Bouncy Castles

Our selection of Bouncy Castles will suit all parties, whether they are in a hall, or outside, please ensure if you have fake grass that you tell us upon booking.

A few things to consider:

We only offer outdoor bookings between April and October. Suitable for upto 14 year olds. They require an extra 6ft length, 4 ft width and minimum 1ft height clearance for a safe set-up. (Further details can be found on the specific detail pages, or please Contact Us).

15x11ft A-Frame Party Castle - £65

12x12ft H-Frame Castle - £65 - Click to view artwork choices

17x15ft H-Frame Slide Castle - £85 - Click to view artwork choices

17x15ft A-Frame Dance 'n' Bounce Slide Castle - Without Light - £100

With Light - £120

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