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How much space do i need for a bouncy castle?

We require approximately 4 feet wider and 6 feet longer than the size of castle you are interested in, do not forget to allow a minimum 1 foot extra in height. This allows for safety matts, the blower fan and correct anchorage.

How many children can use your castle at any time?

This is dependant on the age/size of the children which we can provide upon enquiry.

Are your castles suitable for adult use?

Our Castles are only suitable for upto the age of 14 years.

How long is needed for set-up/take-down of your equipment?

This time can vary dependant on location and what services you are hiring from us, please enquire for more information.

What area do you deliver to?

We offer 10 mile free delivery (based on route and not as the 'crow flies').

Can i hire your equipment overnight?

We do not currently offer an overnight service.

What happens if the weather doesnt permit the use of equipment?

We will allow a change of date subject to avalability. All deposits are non-refundable.

Do you set everything up yourselves?

We set up and take down all of our equipment and we cannot allow any changes made to the set-up by the hirer, please be sure your are happy with the set up which is covered in our hire agreement.

How can i tell if my venue is suitable for a bouncy castle?

In all cases you are responsible for providing a suitable area for our equipment, and we will not and cannot be held responsible for an unsuitable area provided which prevents  safe set-up of all equipment. WE WILL NOT SACRIFICE SAFETY!

Gardens needs to be debris-free, firm and level with correct safety area allowances in order for a safe set-up, on enquiry we can discuss any particulars and a free viewing can be arranged where necessary.

Please use the contact form below for any queries and we will be more than happy to help!